Sunday, June 26, 2005

Families Misting Toast's just so hot. Where's my lake? Where's my pool? Where's my Ancient Misting Oasis? I'm sticky and completely without appetite or energy.
This was a weekend for family. Hap and I traveled to Owensboro to co-host a shower with the Yeiser Cousins. Simon and Cheeky had an overnight with Aunt Mary. Today Murphy, Simon and I went to Frankfort for a Rowland Family reunion. We're toast.
Thanks to my dear friend and computing muse Mr. Toastey for the lesson on Blogging. He sure is more patient than most computer boys.
I'm here. I'm setting up shop. I'll keep practicing the tricks he taught me. This blog thing compels me to write. I need the inspiration. The well's been running dry for a couple of years now. I think my store has been sucking all my creative energy.

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