Sunday, July 17, 2005

While Hap's away.......

Hap has headed off to his annual boy's weekend. They left yesterday and something tells me they're getting wet! Murphy, Simon and I spent most of the morning entertaining ourselves at home. I had a three hour phone conversation with Mom. In the afternoon we went to see Johny in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Brilliant!
When we got home we walked up to Glendover and played on the playground. Mick came over later in the evening to deliver some stuff he had of ours. My kids LOVE Mick. When he arrives Murphy immediately starts running around the house collecting cool books and games that he thinks Mick will like. Simon (who hasn't figured out that Mick is 30 years older) attempts to engage him in a game of hide and seek or Spiderman or Star Wars. I'm just in the mood to sit and have an adult conversation. The boys will have none of that! Mick is THEIR buddy! Ahhh......the joys of being young at heart. The kids just won't leave you alone.
I'm not sure what we'll do today. Maybe I'll finally clean the piles of shoes out of my closet. Anyone wear a size 8 1/2?

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