Monday, September 11, 2006

My EVIL inner self

Angry at an 11 year old
Too much backtalk
Too much complaint
Losing my temper
Personal Responsibility
Does it have to be so hard?
How do I explain?
Wanting their lives to be footloose
Fancy FREE
We know the truth....we adults
Life IS puppies and kittens and fun and play
and laying around and doing nothing all day
But, life is also hard work and responsibility and tragedy and sometimes things you can't even believe
There's nothing I love like I love my boys
My heart aches over the angry words I spoke
(yelled is more like it)
I get shivers imagining the scarey looks must've been on my face
All this over "Vocabulary Unit One"
Is it really worth it?

1 comment:

Mick said...

god bless ya!