Sunday, September 17, 2006

Monkeys in my pants! Cow poo in my greens...blekkk

Yesterday was all about gettin' my diversity on. Met the boyz, Aunt Mary and her lil G'Buddies at the Festival Latina. Wow! It was a beautiful sight. What a gloriously enthusiastic community. Beautiful, just beautiful. Wish I'd had my camera. Welcome to KY! I'm glad you're here. I adore the spice you add to the Bluegrass State. Saw Murphy's Algebra teacher dancing on stage with the folks from Columbia. You go Sr. Castrillon!

Later I went on over to Mecca where the Hafla Pura show was in full swing. Ya want some Shake Shake! Jiggle Jiggle! Shake! Then that's the spot for you. The Rakadu ladies were amazing as usual.
They just keep getting better and better! Sabi Diri knocked my socks off. I was panting FOR THEM by the time they completed their African Dance set. Might be a heart attack waiting to happen for me, but dang! it looks like fun.
Remember the wise words of Mr. Impresario
"As long as there's Mecca. There's always something to do in Lexington."

In other news.......

Oh! That's just great. As if it weren't enough to be worried about all the other stuff we have to be worried about.....I guess I'll just keep it local at the Farmers Market. But geez Louise! What else could possibly go wacko in our weird world?

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