Friday, September 08, 2006

Ohio Valley Blues

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Last night my littlest sweetie and I spent the evening at the CBH Emergency Room. Poor little guy has inherited the Rowland Family Allergy issues which sadly lead to asthma for him. After spending a couple of hours watching his breathing get more and more shallow and increasingly rapid, I decided we'd better go. Realized once we were there that my decision may have been premature. He saw the beverage and snack machines and improved dramatically. But, we stuck it out and stayed. 4 hours, one nebulizer treatment, one chest X-ray, a pepsi, six Oreos, an Aquafina and a Babe Ruth later we were released. Lungs are pneumonia!
When I was little and had similar problems my Mom asked the Doc if I would ever be free of my breathing issues. "Not if she stays in the Ohio Valley" was his reply. Well, my breathing issues ARE better and I still live in the Ohio Valley. Hope it works out that way for Simon, too.


scot said...

Well, sigh of relief; glad he's not Sneezy AND Weezy. Maybe Oreo's and love will cure it for good!

Mick said...

great pic!