Friday, December 29, 2006

Lil' Houligans & the best story of Christmas 2006

Isaac is the son of my cousin Pete. Pete is a Preacher, so I guess that makes Isaac "the son of a Preacher Man" (Thank You, Dusty Springfield). Anyhoo...Simon & Isaac really hit it off this Holiday Season. After playing together for hours, Isaac turned to Simon and asked "Simon, are you a Christian?" Simon rather nonchalantly replied, "No. I'm a Houlihan" To which Isaac asked, "What's a Houlihan?" Confusion reigned supreme for both kids until Hap intervened and explained to Isaac that Houlihan is our last name. He then asked Simon if he believes in Jesus and Simon said he did. So, Hap told Isaac that indeed Simon is a Christian & a Houlihan. Relief was felt all around.


Mick said...

toddler evangelists?! oy, vey!

Lucy said...

I wanna be a Houlihan...How do ya get to be one? Where do y'all go to worship?