Monday, December 11, 2006

R.I.P. Maisy Moo

You were the best houndcat ever.

Maisy Moo Rowland went on to the great kitty hunting grounds beyond today. She moved in with me when I lived on the corner of High and Lafayette. I found her at the pound. She was just a skinny sqeaky runt, but she meowed at me and I had to have her. She moved with me to Preston where we lived with TT, Zelda and Slimey. Those were the golden years. Maisy really loved Slimey, Zelda and TT. She spent many hours there playing fetch with milk tops and keeping watch from the 2nd story balcony. From Preston, Maisy moved with me to Sherman. She was a little less comfy on Sherman after her buddies Slimey and Zelda passed away, but she regained some of her youthful energy when we moved over to Edgemoor and she had this big yard with lots of critters around to terrorize. In fact, I spotted her crouched and ready to pounce on something just a couple of weeks ago. But, all was not as good as it seemed. Her old kidneys just weren't working like they were supposed to. Maisy is survived by her buddies Marshmallow and Cheeky and her humans Lori, Hap, Murphy and Simon.


teresa said...

sweet maisy, may she snuggle with her pals zelda and the slime man. ahh, gonna miss that little cuten.

Percy Trout said...

I'm sorry about yer kitty. My cats are about 8 years old now... I don't know what I would do without them.


alyssum said...

poor kitty. Losing kitties is so difficult. Sigh.