Sunday, January 21, 2007

My name is

This is my Mom, Judy. She and my Dad named me Lori Ann Rowland. (The Ann is from my two Grandmothers...Anna Jean Rowland & Anna Lee Yeiser) My parents and family call me Lori. A few of my friends call me Lori Ann. No one ever calls me Ann, but I tried to start the trend when I moved to Lexington in 1981. Eventually, my name began to evolve and for the past decade or so, I've been answering to many differant names.
Aunt Lolli
Miss Lola
It all began with Lolli, which was the best my precious Ivy could do when first attempting to say my name. It stuck with everyone and I became Lolli to my scene of scenester friends. Then Ivy started looking like little Cindy Loo Hoo and she became Little Ivy Loo Hoo. The ryhming trend caught on and I became Lolliloo. My adult friends eventually shortened it to Loll, but my youngster friends started calling me Aunt Lolli. (Dante still does & I LOVE it)
When I opened the store I met a woman named Shirley who was particularly confused by my name so she called me Miss Lola and then that became a trend. Some people STILL call me Miss Lola and I love that, too. Some even call me Lola without the Miss.
According to the Baby Name Wizard, the name Lori showed up in 1940 and reached its peak of popularity in the early 60's. The name Lolli showed up in the late 1800's but it was spelled Lollie. Lola also showed up in the 1800's, but its been up and down the popularity scale ever since.


rscot said...

When I met you in '84 it was Lori and for me it's been that ever since though the nicknames have been fun. I thought 'Fashionista' was in there too though!

Mick said...

i've called you a thing or two over the years, but I most prefer hearing you say "miss LOLA!" like shirley

lolliloobedoo said...

True, I am a fashionista (of sorts), but no one ever called me that. Like nobody ever said "Hey Fashionista! Whassup?"