Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An ode to our house

This is where we live.
This is where we love.
To some it's just a little cottage
sitting on an acre of land
in the middle of the city
and that makes it interesting.

Our house arrived on a train
and was probably built in a day.
That was over 50 years ago.
Where is that original family
who called Gunnison Homes
and ordered up this house?
Their children's heights
are still posted
on my closet door.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Will
moved in after they left.
Hosting kids from her
Sunday School class,
they made corn cob dolls & foil goblets.
Jill Shambhu told me so.
I have a photo of Hap sitting on
the same back stoop we sit on today.
He was just a little kid,
but the stoop looks
the same.

Jump forward 20 years
Mary Houlihan lived here then.
I remember the first time
Hap brought me to visit.
It was love at first sight
for this cottage and this land.
We sat on the same back stoop
and I met my future sister.

This house has surely
hosted thousands.
This house is warm & cozy.
This house is bright with sunshine.
This house has more than enough room
for my boys
and me.

I like to imagine
Aunt Mary & Uncle Will
see us here now
and smile at the happy vibrations
that pulse
from this house
and it's tiny

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