Thursday, February 01, 2007

Flickr Drama!

Okay so it seems the rest of the world is just catching up with me. Remember my flickr drama from a while back.I couldn't get into my account because of the Yahoo! may not was insignificant really...UNTIL TODAY!!! So here's the scoop. The (evil corporate giant) Yahoo! took over cool photosharing/social networking site flickr. Yahoo doesn't really seem to "get" flickrs core passionate users and has starting posting new rules. The natives ain't happy and the competitors are moving in. Thomas Hawke (CEO of Zoomr) blogged about it. While, another photosharing site is offering 50% discounts to what they call "flickr refugees"
Whatcha gonna do kids? You'll have to decide soon. Deadline to sign on with your yahoo ID is March 15....which by the way is also my birthday...and the Ides of March. Togo party anyone? We can take cool pictures then post them......

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