Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The BUZZ Index

One of my favorite "media destinations" is There's many an article to read on Salon, whether ye be craving politics, gossip or headlines. There's also a nice bunch of sports, music and theater reviews. It's a veritable playground. One of the little tidbits amongst the more serious commentary is our little friend "The Buzz Index". The index is a short listing of news items that seem to be generating some buzz. Here is the list for today.
BUZZ Index
* Most viewed story on Yahoo News: "Woman in Iron Lung Celebrates Birthday," Associated Press
* Most e-mailed story from the New York Times: "Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior"
* Most popular track on Hype Machine: "March Into the Sea," Modest Mouse
* Most viewed story from the International Herald Tribune: "TV Talk-Show Host Craig Ferguson Refrains From Mocking Britney Spears After She Shaves Her Head"
I'd like to take a moment or two now to comment on each.

First...the woman in the iron lung. Basically it's a story about this birthday girl who has been breathing with the aid of an iron lung for 57 years! You'd think they could give her some kind of updated fancy, not so large device but apparently they can't. Anyhoo...I am successfully decreasing the chances that I will ever have to use an iron lung. According to my Quit-O-Meter I have been smober for 3 weeks, 11 hours and 45 minutes so I HAVE NOT smoked 324 cigarettes therefore I have saved $70.41. I'd also like to mention that the photo above is of an Iron Lung ward. Can you even imagine?
Now this story about Flaming that everyone seems to read and then e-mail out really caught my eye cause seriously who hasn't experienced "flaming" as the flamer or the flamee...maybe both. I also think most people are probably sending it out with this in the subject line.."WTF! Did you know there was a name for this?"

This is Modest Mouse. I don't know if I know any of their music or not. I probably do because I'm very familiar with their name...whatever. The only thing about that piece of buzz that you really need to know is that Hype Machine is muy-muy yum-yum my friends!

Finally...I consider this Craig Ferguson piece proof positive that I have my finger on the pulse, that I have a certain prescience about what's gonna be big news because just today I was standing round the Isle with Meredith and Lucy telling them that the biggest news on the blogosphere concerning Britney today would actually be about Craig Ferguson and his heartfelt monologue last night. I was feeling pretty "I told you so" when I got to the Buzz Link and saw that item listed. I saw his monologue (I've been having a bit of a Craig obsession the last few days and have been staying up late to watch....ya know ya give up the 'rettes it really messes with the sleep habits)and it practically brought tears to me eyes, but it was weird because it was the monologue and no one was laughing.........
Finally, in a side note that has nothing to do with the BUZZ Index...Remember my last post where I told you to go to Drawer Geeks? Did you go? Hopefully you did because I just tried to go there and it's down because so many people have been visiting. They give Fark and DIGG as the perpetrators of too much traffic. I say...Hey! What about me? I found Drawergeeks all on my own thru some weird coincidence and excellant web exploration skills. What's a girl gotta do to get a little credit? Increase my blog readership by a few million or something?

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