Monday, June 04, 2007


Color me blue. Becky made the trek south to Georgia and her new home today. I'll miss my Becky Boodle and all her brood. We sure had fun these last few years.
Said by Hap today..."You poor thing. I don't know anyone who has had so many really good buddies move away."
He's right you know. I get all attached and then ZIP!Boom! Off they go....Luckily everyone has either moved close enough to visit or to a glamorous location. I'm having fantasies of a big reunion one day. RScot, Ashley, Tom, Jill, Ingrid, Amy,
Scott and you hear me? Oh and all you peeps-o-mine still in Lexington, please stay put for a while. Just long enough for me to recover. Have mercy!
Some people think a person can only have one BFF. I disagree with that or maybe I just have a Multiple Personality Disorder. I don't guess I ever use the phrase "My best friend." I usually say "One of my best friends." All these people that I so sincerely love, they all feed a differant part of me. Not one of my BFF's could be replaced.
But, now Becky is gone and there'll be hours to fill that normally would have been spent whiling away hours with her & the kids. Please send all inquiries for schedule filling this way!

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Alison said...

I know what you mean about having several BFFs.

We ought to get our kids together (and us, too, natch!) when mine are here in July...