Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I soooo do not have time to be doing this, but Becky fussed at me for not doing it and sometimes fussing at me helps get me motivated....especially when it's something I actually enjoy doing (like this) but just haven't made the time for. If you want to know the truth...I've been far to busy playing Poppit to do anything else on the computer.
But I'm here today and this is what I want to tell you. I have had a fun filled few weeks. The Shochats came for a long weekend visit and my house was bursting at the seams with testosterone leaking from the 4 boys who spent most of their time hooked up to a screen of some sort. Between DVD's, video games and computers they did periodically stampede up to the trampoline and spend some time jumping. We took a couple of walks up to the Arboretum Woods where they played on a fallen tree. We spent a Saturday afternoon out at John's place in Cave Run. The boys had a lazer tag battle in the woods. Ashley & I looked on from our perches and Ivy napped. The next day we had a little gathering in the backyard and got to see some of our favorite people. Good times.

I went to a birthday party for my friend Sherri. I was bad and didn't take my camera but I wish I had cause there were plentya moments worth photographing. First off her house is tres magnifique...from the front porch Halloween decor to the basement bar and jam joint and everything in between...fabulosity abounds. Sherri is a very well organized collector of all sorts of wacky stuff....Museum quality abode. We crafted with Mylar & lighters. There were some awesome birthday gifts for the birthday Queen...crocheted Dixie Flag pillows...Hello! Wish I had a photo. There was a Poi performance then Jimberly & Sherri did some surf rock jams. More good times. Ya'll should go see her sister Little Miss Tammy Smith with Mike Tevis at Mia's this weekend....Saturday at ten....I won't be there, but I promise you'll have a rockin good time.

Tomorrow I'm heading South to pick up Becky and head to Fairburn Georgia for The Echo Project Music Festival. I've been hired for the Work Exchange Program and I'm very curious and excited about that. I'm hoping there will be some kind of internet access so I can update over the weekend, but I'm not really counting on it. I'm gonna try my darndest to get on stage with The Flaming Lips. Anybody have a connection? Call me...
Alrighty then. I'm outie. Until tomorrow you can find me down at the Isle tryin to keep my mind on work instead of play. But man-oh-man it is HARD!

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Lori-Lyn said...

Have so much fun on your big adventure! You deserve it!