Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Discountess doing some mad markdown magic!

Hello Shoppers! Discountess has arrived and I'm here to do some damage!

Ya'll better get yourself on down to the Isle. I've gone STARK RAVING MAD with DISCOUNT FEVER! For the moment my main symptom is an overwhelming desire to slash already low prices, so I'm selling everything that's marked down for an additional 20% off. Kids, that means some things are 95% off because Fall, Winter and Holiday stuff is 25% to 50% off already!

I'm just sayin that you might want to get down here quick before my symptoms go away because this is stuff at the Isle of You so you know there's some good stuff. Come now before I advertise my madness to the masses. Once they know, it'll go quick cause these BARGAINS ARE AMAZING!

Tell your friends!
The Discountess of the Isle of You


robiewankenobie said...

could i look hip like you? ::grin:: you just let me know if you've got any fat girl clothes, m'kay?

Mick said...

omg!! is it really discountess??

lolliloobedoo said...

no could never be hip like me ::grin:: cause you're already hip like you.....also...your Rubenesque form doesn't scare me or deter me in any way. Come on down here. Bring your friends. I double dog dare ya. There'll be somethin' you be wantin'
Yes Mick...that is Discountess. Just can't show the face cause the deranged look in my eye might scare some shoppers off and I want all of 'em to come in cause I got some good stuff to unload.