Monday, July 25, 2005


Yesterday my Grandmother (Anna Lee Stevens Yeiser Maglinger Yeiser) celebrated her 87th birthday! She's still kickin' it. She's moving a little slower and she seems a little smaller, but she's still looking glamorous. I wish I had a photo to post. If anyone has a digital photo, please send a photo of her to me. I think my interest in fashion came from her and my Great grandmother.

My Great Grandmother (Nettie Melvera Angeline Hatfield Stevens Ashby) just passed a couple of years ago. She was days from her 105th birthday. Right to the end, she was gorgeous herself. She had the most beautiful skin and she always wore a pearl barrette in her snowy white hair. She was a Hatfield of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feuding families. She wasn't a direct decendant of Devil Anse, but she was a cousin or something like that. Maybe that's where we Yeiser kids and grandkids get our fighting spirit. The picture shown is from her 100th birthday in 1998.

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cousin katie said...

we missed you at the birthday party lori! Grandmother looked great and had a nice time. Love your blogs!