Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Police - Roxanne

I let time get away from me and I missed all but the last minute of The Police performing on the Grammys....Dang it!!!
I found this old Roxanne Video on YouTube tho, so I posted it just in case anyone is happening by and wants a lil trip back in time. The Police were so cute!! No wonder I fell completely and madly in love with them in my younger years.
I have memories that come flickering back to me every winter, of a senior year snow-day spent hanging with Brad and seeing the video for "Do do do de da da da". Already loved the music, then when I actually saw these three....okay, so Andy never did so much for me, but the other two...ohhh la la! Once I actually had one of those dreams where you REALLY FEEL the emotions in the dream. (You know the kind I mean..right?) Anyway...I had this dream where I was actually dating Sting. I felt it, I'm tellin' ya'...with every ounce of my 17 year old girlness. Just like it was REALLY happening. So cool.
If I ever really got to meet The Police, I'd probably be much more attracted to Stewart. Sting's real cute, intense and smart but he just never has had the playfulness that Stewart exhibits. I mean he tries and all, but it just doesn't seem to come as naturally to Stewart's got that whole string bean, lanky boy thing going on and I think he's like way beyond beyond smart. Jiminy!!! I do go on, don't I? It's the video. Its got me all a flitter.

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Mick said...

and it's "roxanne" on the grammy's, too!

Years ago, sting said something to the effect of: "I'll always play 'roxanne' because i owe my fame to that song, and so-- I'll always play 'roxanne.'"

you tube: