Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Ode to Sarah

Lovely Sarah-Our fashion muse
at The Isle she's the glue
that holds it all together
when the rest of us are
snapping at each other
struggling for power
quiet voice
deep drawl
kind & tender hearted
gentle not fragile
Lover of Darrellkins
Savior of Frankums
Ten years my friend
another fifty if we're lucky
We'll be two funny old ladies
In daring duds
asserting our inner Diva
Long live the Fashion Queen!


Mick said...

that is suh-weeeeet!

FrostingandFire said...

We should all know honest friends like that.
Nice way to end a day. And a long run.

ingrid said...

loll, your creativity is brimming over the top, even today. this was an amazing place you created in all our hearts! thank you!

(and sarah - you rock.)

Meredith S said...


So lovely, the subject and the prose.