Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Ides of March

It's been 10 really fun years on the Isle
All this stuff we've bought to sell.
Wow! We've had some beauties.
Yikes! There've been some duds.
My birthday too is one week from 2day.
44 years that's me.
What gift do I want for my special day?
Big Loo tells me I should say...
What I want is for you and you and yoohoo
to come to my 10 year old baby
and buy something for yourself or your boy
or a special friend.
Times are tuff, I have to say
I want the Isle to be here another day
10 years more is fine with me
I love my job you see.
The people, the stuff,
the weird lil downtown scene-
It's all so special to me.
So there U have it.
Now you know.
Don't need to spend much
Just a few dollars will do.
It adds up quickly
multiplied by a few.

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