Monday, April 16, 2007


Lord God! Everyone get prepared!
Get prepared!
Get prepared!
Get prepared!
Outrage today on the news
that Virginia Tech wasn't
more prepared!
Excuse me?
How does a school or an individual or a town
for the unthinkable?
And what does a world look like
where schools, towns and individuals
are prepared! to react quickly & efficiently
to the unthinkable?
Yes. Yes. I get it.
An ounce of prevention
blah blah blah..
I totally get that.
But the question
I find myself
coming back to
time & time again...
What do I want my world
to look like?
to be like?
to feel like?
I know for sure
that there's little
in that dream world
that reflects a culture
forced to feel
it should be
forever prepared!
to handle
the freaky scene
when anger
and a gun
doth meet.