Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An ode to Sanjaya

Sanjaya! Sanjaya!
Oh why?
Oh Why?
I've loved you from that very first day.
Your big sister-she wouldn't win.
No way!
It was you all along
who was headed to Idol
I'd already guessed
your popularity would be tidal.
Flat quite often
And you couldn't hold a note
Which led many to question
Why you always got the vote.
JLo knew why
Tony Bennett did too
But it was Diana Ross
who best summed up you.
"Sanjaya is Love"
She said so succinctly.
That's why you were followed devoutly.
You have that freaky smile
That never leaves your face
Simon chides and you're still full of grace.
We'll miss you on Idol.
You know that it's true.
But you're Sanjaya Malakar
there's no way that you're through!

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