Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Place to Call Home Part Two

So incredibly sweet
I haven't seen Mama Bunny again since the day we discovered her nest. She's come in the night to tend them because in the mornings the nest is neat and tidy with new layers of fur and grasses. The Baby Bunnies were safe in their sweet, down-filled nest beneath the birdbath... until this morning. I looked out the back door and there was Cheeky, sniffing all around the area with her nose right to the ground. She was pacing a quick perfect little pattern, not even letting an inch of ground go uncovered. Our cat Marshmellow was right there with her...also sniffing the air. Obviously the day had come. The Bunnies were no longer safe.
When I returned home this afternoon, I warned the boys,"Let's all keep an eye on the Rabbit Killers. They've sniffed out the nest." Cheeky and Tipper didn't seem to even remember the nest when we let them out. They hung out in the yard and never went near it...until we looked away. All the sudden I hear a horrible screaming/squeaking. I look toward the sound to see Cheeky running from the nest and Baby Bunnies hopping in every direction. Hap rescued the one Cheeky had gotten and the boyz and I each grabbed one but the fifth got away. We loved on them for a bit, then let them go in safer spots in the yard. Before I set mine free, I was laying stretched out on the grass with it on my chest. An angry chattering started in the tree above me. I look up and there is a squirrel yelling...definitely at me. It was like she was chastising me, saying "What are you doing with that baby bunny? Leave it alone! Put it in the brush and step away!". So, I did.
Later I headed over to the Mead's to gather some peppers from their garden. As I approached the gate, I noticed a Rabbit sitting in the yard near their door. It just sat there as I approached and I realized that she was kind of sitting on something. Looked closer. Guess what! She was nursing BABY BUNNIES! But not our Baby Bunnies. This was a whole new litter...probably a couple of weeks older. They were so cute, like puppies in the early weaning stages. There wasn't enough room under her for them to fit comfortably. One was laying completely upside down, paws kneading his Mama. Such a sight. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have walked up on that scene.
Baby Bunnies Part 2

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Percy Trout said...

I've got bunnies, foxes, raccoons, groundhogs, oppossum, and squirrels in my backyard.