Saturday, July 28, 2007

Frozen With Fear Like A Bunny Crouching

Building the perfect Bunny Catcher
The saga of The Backyard Bunnies continues. Yesterday I noticed Cheeky showing her retriever bloodline. She was back in the vicinity of the bunny nest and she obviously had found something. I went over and checked it out. I am telling you...Bunnies have really amazing camouflage skillz. I could barely see it because it was so motionless in the cover of grass and vines. I carried it to a safer spot. Good luck Little Guy!
Later I noticed an adult bunny that had been hanging out in the Maxon's yard. I walked over to it and it didn't move. I got within a few feet before it hopped away so I knew it was probably protecting a baby. I looked back to the bush where Hap had freed one of the Bunnies. There it was! When I moved, it crouched down and maintained that strange motionlessness of a wild animal spotted. I watched it for awhile then went to find my camera. When I returned it was gone, but I got some photos of the Mom.
The boys decided to build the classic bunny trap. You need a box, some rope or string and some vegetables. You know how it's supposed to work. Well, it didn't. No rabbit ever came near. After patiently waiting for an impressive amount of time, the boys gave up.
Meanwhile, I walked over to the Mead's and immediately spotted one of the Bunnies Part Two enjoying a moment in the sunshine. It too decided to freeze rather than run. I don't think I'll ever enjoy mowing the lawn again. Who can tell where a baby bunny is crouching, frozen with fear.
Today I saw a documentary film about the war that FROZE ME with sadness, fear, and finally shame. I don't understand why they aren't showing us this kind of thing on the evening news. We wouldn't like it. It'd be hard. War is ugly. But, shouldn't we American people be seeing what happens in our name.

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