Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A place to call home

The Bunny
As Murphy always warns his friends before their first visit to our home...Our house is tiny, but don't worry, our yard is huge....
Yes, we have a big yard and that big yard is home to many a critter. On Sunday afternoon I was sitting out back and a bunny kept coming closer and closer to me. She seemed completely unfazed by my presence. She hung out for awhile making sure I posed no threat then hopped over to a spot just under the birdbath and settled in until Simon could contain himself no longer and just had to try to lure her to him with a carrot from Hap's garden.
Here is the story in photos.


Lucy said...

Funny how you fail to mention R2D2. Are you taking him for granted? Maybe it was R2D2 that the bunny wanted?

Mick said...

funny how lucy's reading blogs now..

I2 (heart) R2