Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Romeo! Romeo!

This week I've had the pleasure of spending my evenings at the Arboretum with my Dear Fairy Goddaughter Ivy Loo Hoo. We are volunteering with the Kentucky Classical Theater Conservatory as they present their Summerfest series over these next few weeks.
On Wednesday night the series will open with Romeo and Juliet. No matter how many times I witness the tale of the star crossed lovers, whether it be the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli Classic, the hip Baz Luhrmunn production or even the 1971 Made for TV adaptation If Tommorow Comes...I always find myself sincerely hoping the story might change...reasoning that the series of tragic events might go down in an unexpected way...never happens...erroneous fighting and deaths...they drink their poisons...the dagger is found...Tragedy with a capital T.
Seeing it performed by this remarkably talented cast made up primarily of Lexington Teens is both poignant and awe-inspiring. Wowee! You really MUST go! I promise that you will mesmerized.
The show opens Wednesday night and plays through Sunday...doors open at 7...preshow at 8...curtain at 8:45. Bring snacks and drinks...bugspray and a blankie...prepare to want to come back for next week's production of The Crucible.

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Mick said...

sounds good. I wanna see The Crucible, too.. keep me posted..

want to have lunch at Al's today?