Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Your VERY OWN Artistic License!!!

This is from David Mack's "Kabuki. The Alchemy #9"

'A writer (named Chuck P.) once told me in a letter that he had a teacher who used to say: "99% of what any class or workshop does is give people the license they need to create".
As if the belief or example or just a respect of their creative interests-someone taking them seriously- gives them their own "Artistic License".
For that reason...
I have created this Artistic License. To enlist other artists in our Global (& internal)War of Art.
I'm sending these all over the world.
Print this in your books for others to copy and cut out and pass on.
Copyright Free.
With these instructions:
-This is your Artistic License.
-Your permission to make a difference.
-You are your own story.
-You are your own self-fulfilling prophecy.
Make stickers of this...posters, shirts, cards, etc.
& pass on'.

(My first "spread the Love" required of me by the Secret President of the United States...see previous post)


Anonymous said...

David Mack is the biggest rip off artist in the world. Dr. Seuss called he wants his art back.

Fanboy said...

Ummm Anon, you're referring to one small piece of his huge body of work (Shy Creatures), which is definitely reminscient of Seuss. However, his work on Kabuki, particularly Kabuki: Alchemy is pretty groundbreakng and, in my opinion, one of the best professional artists working today. I hope you take the time to chek out his work there.

lolliloobedoo said...

Yea! What he said!

Anonymous said...

David Mack is genuis. If you have the mind to see what he expertly conveys with his work it is truely awe inspiring.

An artist creates shapes, colors, and stories, from a void of nothingness. David is truely a master of the void.

Mick said...

I had this experience that Chuck P was relating at the Mountain Workshop in Danville. Went around and took pictures that I wouldn't have otherwise, because I was "in the workshop." weird.

Denny said...

Hey, David Mack told me about your blog and mentioned you were looking for a good store in Lexington. Have you tried the Comic Interlude? It is stacked to the rafters, but also has the best selection in town and keeps Kabuki in stock.

Anonymous said...

David Hack swipes Adam Hughes Rainmaker. Gen.13-Ordinary Heroes two issue NA#39

He also rips Maleev's DD in NA #39. Why because hes not the artsit you think he is. All his peers know it.

Keep calling him a genuis, its funny and shows what little you know about art. I may come off as not nice but Im not making this shit up, anyone with 2 eyes can see it.