Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shark Jumping

"Dancing with the Stars" has officially jumped the shark. O! Why'd ya do it my guilty pleasure? I loved you way back then....your first season.....Simon & I watched together every week and his passion for the dance was born. At the Robinsons wedding Simon & I danced the night away...run-kneedrop-slide... his best move. I just don't get it. DWTS has been a run away hit and for good reason...they certainly didn't need to promote this new season with Heather Mills and her missing limb. Christ almighty! Surely the masses were already excited to watch just to see that adorable Apolo Anton Ohno. We usually only see him during the Winter Olympics. He's always a media favorite during those. So putting him on...smart move...putting Heather Mills on...sensationalism and unnecessary shark jumping in too many obvious ways to mention. I know ratings are important so what I'm wondering is...did the DWTS producers get scared or did they get greedy?

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